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filibuster was in a lost cause the white house has responded to his repeated requests last night on domestic drone strikes we'll have that for you next. and ten years after the u.s. invaded iraq a new report reveals billions of taxpayer dollars were misspent on rebuilding that war torn country how could this happen what went wrong and some answers for you straight ahead. plus when it comes to cyber security it seems hackers are always one step ahead of the game and next we'll reveal the top four techniques used to attack and hijack websites. it's there is a march seventh four pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our tea we begin with the breaking news john brennan has been confirmed as the next head of the cia just moments ago u.s. senators cast their votes on the senate floor brenna received sixty three yes votes
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and thirty four no boats and to no one surprise kentucky senator rand paul was among the no votes and we'll keep you updated on this as we learn more of this of course comes just after senator rand paul's historic filibuster it ended at twelve forty this morning after the senator talked and talked for almost thirteen hours well from the very beginning he said he would speak until he could speak no more and that is exactly what he did the old fashioned filibuster was aimed at blocking the nomination of john brennan as head of the cia well now that senator paul has people talking what happens next to correspondent margaret howell is at the capitol now. margaret so what kind of a response is he getting there on the capitol. well you know liz there certainly has been some fallout from senator paul's filibuster on members of his own party aren't taking to crime leads to it so what he what he has been deemed you
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know his behavior and this filibuster even john mccain calling it an offensive and insulting behavior senator lindsey graham of course is not too pleased about his actions as well but you know it has been a mixed bag of opinion all right you know you mentioned mccain let's take a listen we have a clip of what he said today in response to senator paul's performance let's take a listen. is there any way that the president on stage could just randomly attack with a drone or a hellfire missile someone without that person being designated a enemy combatant but to my republican colleagues i don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody would grow all right so there are some of his critics but margaret he's not there are
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some people that are hailing senator paul's performance. that is certainly correct members of his own party marco rubio senator cruz of course who was with him last night was. definitely members of his own party rallying around him people are saying that he's breathing new life into the g.o.p. and certainly we will see more coming from senator paul who will in the future some are saying even that this may be a part a possible bid for twenty sixteen run and we are definitely seeing people rally around him in support. well today he did get a response attorney general eric holder provided this response he said quote it has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drones to kill an american not engaged in combat on american soil the answer to that question is no so margaret he finally got an answer what can we make
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of this. right right we know it definitely came at a very late hour it wasn't forthcoming was something that we can see you know forty three words long this was certainly not a long response by any account but. it did help this is a victory he did come out saying that this was a victory for the american people that the white house was able to confirm that you know drones are not allowed to kill american citizens on u.s. soil so certainly a victory in rand paul's eyes definitely paul himself admitted that he doesn't have enough votes to block brennan's nomination that certainly proved true just a few moments ago brennan rise in fact nominated so now that this is all said and done i guess the question is is what now what exactly has he accomplished. you know he's accomplished a lot of things you know some senator paul a very good speaker he's able to rally people around him in his own party you know
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definitely bringing light to the issues of civil liberties a greater issue besides the drone attacks which he was able to do you know pin code and even the a.c.l.u. came out in support of rand paul which is something that you don't see every day those two organizations coming out to support a g.o.p. senator like this also certainly a lot of the ability for his actions and definitely definitely able to rally support for this cause and make this issue known which he will say but what he was able to do pretty effectively and certainly a diverse group of people that he's won the backing up you know we saw i mean i was watching it as kind of glued to the t.v. watching this and we saw this whole thing blow up on twitter as this kind of old fashioned tactic of of this talking filibuster enhanced by new technology. you know absolutely before her you know what an old fashioned filibuster tactic
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that's been used for a very very long time it's a very powerful tactic i've never had we really seen twitter being rat on the floor i know senator cruz was was helping rand paul in effect by reading some of those twitter twitter hash tag responses and supporter of rand paul on the senate floor as he was filibustering and we haven't seen that before we really you know something new to this whole a mixture of this whole debate and definitely something that we may we may be seeing in the future margaret thank you that was our t. correspondent margaret howell. now to iraq where there is a struggle to pick up the pieces after the war that ravaged the country it's a war that cost a lot of lives and a lot of money now a new report says much of the tens of billions of taxpayer dollars the u.s. spent on rebuilding the country went down the drain and there were poor called the learning from iraq the special inspector general for iraq reconstruction stuart
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bowen details how the sixty billion dollars the u.s. spent to rebuild the country went to waste some projects that the u.s. started but never finished forty million dollars prison one hundred eight million dollar waste water treatment center and a seventy five million dollars pipeline and that's just to name a few so as the country remains in a bitter debate over how to curb government waste how was so much waste able to happen overseas to discuss former senator mike gravel joins us now. welcome there so sixty billion dollars pumped into rebuilding iraq but to what end is there anything to show for it. no not at all in fact it's worse than than what appears when you get this kind of a report that makes this this level of admission hearken back to when we followed the iraq war these were reports that were getting all along that or they were
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building this but it didn't take place and in the corruption that went on in the ins billions of dollars so what this report is the mission of tip of the iceberg of what really happened with our presence in iraq and the fact that we had to buy off all of these iraq the leaders a monarchy backed it was it was reported continually during the entire iraq war when my molecules a charge that his government was unbelievably corrupt now does it come as any surprise that right now we're told that well they can identify eight billion dollars that is the tip of the iceberg that they can't begin to identify and at the level of waste is appalling i mean we just pointed out a few specifics there some of these projects that were just abandoned how did that
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happen that these multi-million dollar projects just started and eventually lead to nowhere. well what happens is you get a contractor an american contractor. signs that he's going to build a specific the he then contracts with contractors of the local they pay people off and they get it going to a degree but then everybody loses interest and they pocket the money no it's not only the corruption within iraq it's the corruption of american contractors working with the iraqis when they know that the facility is not going to be built and the money is just going for payoffs payouts for american contractors and payoffs for iraqi subcontractors so essentially what you're saying is the project don't get done but people are still profiting. profiting when you when you stop and think of
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all of these mansions that are being built in abu dhabi these are people in iraq who made fortunes and take their money over dobby dobby and build themselves a mansion. and then we and we the american taxpayer who really make sacrifices to make these payments to the department of defense that then absconds with the money through subcontracts. i think the best lesson of all is to realize that the defense department is not audit dable that means you can't begin to even trace the monies that go into the defense department it's accepted that it's not on a dimple and so it's like flushing money down a hole yeah i mean my next question he was going to be how does this happen is there recklessness is it lack of oversight but you're saying that they're not able
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to be audited so it looks like lack of oversight is a huge problem there all of the above all of the above and. when you when you see this these. alligator tears about all would disagree question is going to cut the defense budget the defense budget has been outta hand since the korean war and there's just no limit to it and so what happens with the conservative community that they never question the appropriations whatever the defense community wants they pay for and then of course you have to go to war to expend these munitions and then you see what happened in iraq and now what they talking about trying to gin up a war with iran i mean this is a sick sick situation where half the budget of the defense department is is is is probably not proper not proper and since you
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can audit it you have no way of determining what is well spent and what is not well spent it is just wasted on a colossal level i want to ask you because we're seeing in this report very eye opening about where attack pump air money whether where it didn't go what happened over there in iraq but i guess it kind of raising questions over the future afghanistan the troops are supposed to be out of there by two thousand and fourteen the u.s. reportedly has been ninety billion dollars on reconstruction over there so is it likely that a lot of the funding will go go to waste. will this all going to depend upon how harmoniously we close that out as you know in iraq. we did not want to or the iraqis did not want a sign a status of forces agreement which would permit them to prosecute americans soldiers if they did wrong and so now that issue is coming to the fore in
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afghanistan is afghanistan going to permit a status of forces agreement meaning that it will. if we leave five ten thousand troops there will they be subject to afghan laws if they do wrong and this is a problem we have throughout the world we are an empire and we've got more than seven hundred bases and so wherever we put american soldiers those american soldiers are not accountable to the local laws of that particular country and so we we solve that problem with a status force that is of forces agreement which many many countries now are wise to because it gives a free ride to the criminality that exist within the american forces abroad and so now what will happen that again is then we're going to wait and see what happens with a status of forces agreement but the level of afghanistan is corruption is no different
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than the level of corruption that we saw in in iraq and now we we have a situation where they kept saying oh we're staying in afghanistan because we need to train the afghanis soldiers well then what we are finding was the afghanis soldiers were killing the trainers americans and so what we did is we stopped that program so we have no program at all in afghanistan right today we could leave tomorrow and it wouldn't make a difference in afghanistan all of the equipment that we have there has to be brought out through karate the port of karate and this is going to pose some interesting problems because of the problems that we have with the drones in afghanistan in pakistan and so. here what you see is this report which is. somebody within the department of defense decided they would
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tell the truth about something normally you don't see these reports they're hidden covered over by the generals and of course that's what the whole bradley manning deal is about he saw things that the american people should learn and certainly a very eye opening report at mr gravel sorry that we do have to cut it off there but that without former alaskan senator mike gravel. we're going to turn now to the crisis in the united nations twenty one u.n. peacekeepers have been kidnapped and are being held in syria are two years of policy or more. twenty one you in person well armed they're all from the philippines and we've heard from the philippines foreign office who has demanded their immediate release the philippines government says that they are being treated well but negotiations are underway to try and secure the release of the militants are admitting that they took these you in person no to try to prevent an attack by
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assad's loyalists in other words what we're seeing is that the rebel forces are using this you in to mean as human shields now the u.n. has of course condemned this action we've heard criticism particularly from moscow at the united nations that there is no reason at all under any circumstances any got of a sick imagination to try to harm or harm those people so clearly gross disrespect for united nations gross disrespect of international norms of behavior now the united nations is currently also involved in negotiating their immediate release according to the united nations its team were on a regular mission in the area we're talking about an area not far from the israeli syrian border that happened earlier on wednesday when they were taken hostage those are to correspondent paula slayer well the u.n. is also tackling north korea the u.n. security council has adopted a resolution expanding sanctions against the country it was drafted by the u.s.
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and china and as a response to a third nuclear test r.t. is honest going to has the details from new york the fifteen member united nations security council presided this month why russia has adopted a new sanctions resolution against north korea in response to a third nuclear test conducted by pyongyang on february twelfth in defiance of existing united nations security council resolutions which basically bad any kind of nuclear testing by north korea and this latest resolution was drafted by the united states and china during three weeks of negotiations. and adopted this thursday unanimously by the security council what this latest new resolution calls for is an implementation of tighter restrictions on north korea including making it tougher for north korean officials to be able to carry around bokes of cash in suitcases it basically also calls for a ban on the shipping and receiving of banned cargo by and by north korea and also
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calls for states to deny aircraft over their territories if it is suspected that a specific aircraft might be carrying bad cargo another thing that this resolution doesn't specifies a ban on the import of certain luxury goods by north korean officials such as yachts and expensive cars and high and jewelry the united states of course has said that these sanctions will bite north korea hard to give you a more general idea of what this resolution is all about what it basically does is condemns this latest nuclear test as well as any other nuclear activities conducted by north korea including uranium enrichment it also bans any further nuclear tests and calls upon north korea to return to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and most importantly the security council in this text calls for north korea to return to six party negotiations and this is something that has been reiterated several times earlier today now in terms of north korean reactions we have to say of course
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that north korea has said in a waiting for this resolution to be adopted that it would as a threat for this resolution basically cancel the existing cease fire of one nine hundred fifty three which put an end to the korean war this thursday north korean officials have threatened with a preemptive nuclear launch if young yang were to be attacked by another country and this is of course a hint at the united states because this week the u.s. has kickstarted joint military drills with south korea on the border between the two koreas something that pyongyang. an open declaration of war and we have to mention that analysts of course are saying that north korea is actually far from a while from having the technology to be able to set up and a nuclear weapon a specific target but was the biggest concern here is of course this provocative language that's dangerous in the united nations security council today a point reiterated several times by russia hopes to achieve is basically for north
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korea to return to six party negotiations with this latest push of this new resolution from the security council and. new york. that was are it's a correspondent. for years we've heard about the dangers of cyber attacks but a recent cryptographers conference sheds light on just how invasive and secret of these attacks really are one very dangerous type of its hack that we've covered on our team is a distributed denial of service attack or a d.d. o. s. it is one of the more simple types of hacks essentially what it is is it reroutes thousands of servers all to the same place and overwhelm the data system so much that it crashes it's relatively easy to conduct and can cause millions of dollars and financial damage are to correspondent megan lopez shows us the other four most dangerous attacks computer hackers are using today. have you ever thought about how
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safe you really are from cyber attacks well believe it or not your digital vulnerabilities extend beyond your computer and go well into your day to day life the twenty thirteen r.s.a. cryptographers conference were real the number of cyber security flaws the us faces today here's a look at the most dangerous types of attacks first up the password breach now the hash algorithm used to create and protect many of our passwords was designed for efficiency and not security in the end these algorithms slow hackers down but they don't actually stop them given how much weight we put on passwords to protect our data that's a scary thought so if you think that a complex password is actually going to guard your secrets think again now the stuxnet flame and shamoon viruses are all examples of kinetic attacks this type of hack manipulates cyber systems to cause physical harm to a country's infrastructure and social function so things like water facilities and stoplights have been targeted and a lot of our day to day technology is completely vulnerable because there aren't
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systems in place to protect them so an even more onerous type of hackers known as off then says forensics so let's use these papers and pretend like they're files on your computer back in the day hackers would enter a system and scoop up as much information as they could leaving a huge digital footprint along the way today computer experts can target and extract the exact information they want from a system getting a very small trail sometimes even using the forensic tools analysts used against them former defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. is working on ways to track down digital thieves but churchill aggressors should be aware. that the united states has the capacity to locate them and to hold them accountable for their actions that may try to harm america however given the change in technology in recent years that isn't really the case and that brings me to the final dangerous hacking technique used today and perhaps the most hazardous of all
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misattribution when hackers enter a computer system they leave a unique trail to follow depending on the code that they use in order to gain access into a system but these cyber invaders are getting good at covering their tracks very very good they are now copying codes from other governments and hackers in order to misattribute the attacks to others so even though i was the person who hacked into your computer you might think it was me or me or me misattribution attack could potentially launch the u.s. and other nations into war while the true guilty parties get off scot free these are just a few of the ways that hackers are gaining access to technology and they're refining new techniques every day cyber security is becoming more of a priority in the u.s. but when you think about how much we rely on computers the real question is has our thirst for technology overpowered our will to keep ourselves secure in washington meghan lopez r t. well the economy is on the mind of every american these days
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pretty much from rising cost of living to stubborn unemployment rates many across the country are feeling the pinch however artie's given a good eye shows us how upward mobility in the u.s. may be more closely aligned with the race than previously thought. we. felt better but then that all men are created equal we sometimes forget what racial equality means in the united states we can drink from the same drinking fountains and eat at the same restaurants but that doesn't mean that racial equality exists. just look at this part of southeast d.c. minutes from the nation's capital the impoverished district is ninety seven percent african-american. it's filled with boarded up houses and families that struggle from day to day i would like to say might help like you know to people that's really having problems like. it's kind of hot for us in this community there is
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a growing divide in wealth between white and black one that's one hundred fifty two thousand dollars wide brandeis university just released a study showing that the wealth gap between african-americans and whites has tripled in twenty five years and some years ago. this study was that average high school graduate made the same as average white black college graduates so when i read the of the new stated that he was just nothing surprising to me the study was based on seven thousand nine hundred households of working age between one nine hundred eighty four and two thousand and nine in just twenty five years the wealth gap between white and black families tripled from eighty five thousand dollars to a staggering two hundred thirty six thousand five hundred dollars after american a washing machine you know the school is a theory they've seen the housing market it's a black solution that blacks moving out of these are all made. in the u.s.
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one percent of households own thirty seven percent of all wealth giving towns like this one in fairfax virginia a new definition of what it means to be wealthy and privileged i don't think surprise a single black person in america i don't think it's a thing about and it probably didn't surprise many. says you were as you might imagine you know when the johnson talked about this a long time ago and he said in very simple words in one thousand seats if i would have a university he says that you can't estimate with him you will catch up with the man with the caterpillar and i often use that with my students and they don't know when they think of a polite mean word but keep it on the tractor and so you can say you know it's demand starting a woman starting at thirty or a dish to catch up with someone who starts at seventy the study shows that where we live where we learn and where we work all seem to widen the wealth gap between whites and african-americans. to begin stuff like. this this
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we need to change and there's no better place to see the striking inequalities between race and wealth than the d.c. metro area a place where freedom reigns and equality looks good on paper but is actually much different in practice in washington d.c. i'm giving you that i r t and now to the moon google has promised a prize of twenty million dollars to the first private company that successfully explores our nearest celestial neighbor to win the twenty million a company must land a robot on the moon explore the surface and send back high definition video all by two thousand and fifteen you might already be aware of google maps or google earth but the internet company is also working on maps of both the moon and mars currently twenty five companies are competing for the prize and a second place team could get five million dollars so to those of you who let's a look at the moon you might have a fatter wallet if you're trying to engineer a robot to get there we're going to leave it up there see you and half hour.
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juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another word behind that which is how to influence things situations steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office
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and found banners hung around the office and lots of strange faces around someone and said what was happening was somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police to have the police come in through the mouth. didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business and in the across the it's one person one fault but in brussels business it's one euro one fault potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast expected to hit starting in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston properly or today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more power.


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